Don’t Forget to Say “Thanks”!

With the spring fundraising stretch nearly complete and summer just around the corner, many parent groups understandably shift their focus to the end of the school year and a much-deserved break. However, it’s important to thank everyone involved in recent volunteer efforts – especially the parents – before the school year wraps up. After a successful fundraising drive, take time to remember those who helped get you there. Here are some suggestions:

Gifts Go a Long Way

At the end of the year, set aside a few dollars from each fundraiser to pay for a banquet or barbecue family day for all of the hard-working volunteers. Send out a copy of the school’s calendar of events with complimentary tickets to community events like carnivals, spaghetti dinners, auctions, family nights and other support-building programs. Also consider investing in some customized t-shirts, coffee mugs, pens, bumper stickers, etc. and mail them to your top supporters. Your fundraising professional may have some additional suggestions for low-cost items that say “thanks.”

Take Out an Ad

Purchase some space in your local newspaper to run a thank you ad. Be sure it mentions how the fundraising dollars will be spent, plus the names of volunteers.

Show Them What They’ve Accomplished

Take a photograph of fundraising dollars “at work,” such as a group of students in the new community garden or playground or athletes practicing on an enhanced field and include it in the next newsletter.

Send Home a Fundraising “Report Card”

On the last day of school, send a letter home with students listing the enrichment programs, school activities and classroom purchases funded by your parent group. Be sure it includes a personal thank you from the president and the principal. Visit to download a complimentary model thank you letter available in English and Spanish.

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